Tautan Ukhwah

Friday, January 7, 2011

UnIqUE ExpErIEncES..

I still remembered a memory that I can’t forgot until now. It’s happened in 2007 while I was Form 3. It started after school holiday in May. For your information, I lived in boarding school. My parents were sent me to school at the evening. Two days before I went to school, I found that there was a boil on my body. At the first, I thought that it may be common boil but I missed my expectations.
        At the night, I can’ slept but I try to sleep. Suddenly, I felt sick at the body on my left side. I tried getting out of bed, but I failed. Then, I thought to call my friends but I thought they probably did not help anything and just sympathies to me. So, I just endured pain until sunrise. In the Sunday morning, I strengthened my self to school. I can’t move my left limbs as too ill. At the school, I just sat down on the chair. Most of my friends felt weird with me because they knew me as a person who is active there and here at school. I can’t stand the pain anymore friends informed of my condition to the teachers.
        After two hours, my parents arrived at school and picked up me to see a specialist doctor. In the treatment room, the doctor just speaking English with my parents and this make me can’t understand what the doctor said. Suddenly, my mother said that I must in the ward because the doctor wanted to do some administration of anesthetics for me. So, I thought I was not too chronic with the pain. At 6 o’clock, my mother waked me from sleep and asked me to pray much. I felt weird and asked my mother, “ mum, whether the anesthetics could make me die?”. My mother silent and her eyes were watery. I started to worry and I already can answer from my mother’s face.
        At the same time, I received many called from my friends, my teachers and others which that were gave me support. I felt so sad because I thought I will die. Many relatives came visit me and still felt weird. Then, my mother told me that I must to operate as soon as possible. Subhanallah, I was so surprised heard that. I can’t say anything and my tears falling fast. I was too afraid because if I die, I don’t have many good to bring along. I apologize to my parents if I have made their heart broken. I felt nothing and I still can’t believe that I will be operating. I tried courageous and strong to face what will happen later.
        At 7 o’clock in the evening, I was brought into operating room. Then, I must change my clothes and wore the surgical clothes. After that, a doctor from Pakistan came to me and saw my condition. He speaks in English with me and I was very happy can talked English with him. He very friendly and told me to don’t felt worried with the operation.  Later, I was asked to lie down in bed surgical. When I lie down, I can saw a big lamp and many surgical types of equipment. Then, I was given anesthesia and I closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt someone was waked up me. I surprised because I felt so fast and I asked to the doctor whether I had operation or not? He said yes and smile to me.
        Actually, the doctor said that he had waked up 3 times but I still didn’t wake up. The doctors take one hour to operate me. He so worried and thought I will die. But with the power of Allah, I opened my eyes and smile. When I came out from the operating room, many peoples were waited me. Two weeks, I was in my house. Sometimes, I want to laugh because my parents cared me such as baby. I praise to Allah because gave me second chance to live. I might be getting the same disease if I do not take care of my health. All what is happening there’s wisdom.


  1. May always under the love of Allah. Insya'Allah,ameen..love u forever..