Tautan Ukhwah

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Faith in my heart

Today, I felt so sad. Many obstacles that approach to me from Allah. Sometimes, I think why I should bear all this? I try to stand with all this but suddenly I collapse down. My tears still fall down on this world although I had stood it. I had collapse in this test from Allah.
          For a while, I had thinking, I must proud for this test from Allah. Why? Because among men in this world, Allah had chose me to face with the test. So, it mean that Allah love me and want to test my faith, right? Then, I can make a smile on my mouth.
          Without time delay, I had continued to rise from last fall with the full strength. This is sweetness from tarbiyah Allah. Therefore, the test come to us is depending with our faith. “ truly Allah love those who fight in his cause in battle array, as if they were solid cemented structure”-As-Sof :  4.
          Allah didn’t promise that life would be easy, but He promise to go with you in every step of your life with Him by your side. So, be istiqamah in every effort you do.

Monday, January 17, 2011


This time we will know the heart. The heart is divided into two.

First : The heart of flesh, it is apparent. It is the study of medical doctors.

Second : Conscience, it is spiritual. It is a spiritual doctor studies ( apostles, prophets, mystics and scholars, including psychologist and others).

The relationship between the two hearts are beef heart is home to a nest or a conscience.

The debate here is our conscience. It is considered as a king in us. If the king of us good, then let all the members. If we are the king of evil, then you are have some evil of all members.

Let us know your conscience more easily through the parables. Heart like a well that is very clear. It will be clear when we take care it. Clean water and clean this would give a thousand lives if used. But it would be dirty if we left it, dirty things go into it. If we are use it, will certainly bring about disease and injury.

Let us know your conscience by like something. Heart is like fertile soil. If fertility is maintained, it will be strengthened. Fertility will be develop various types of crop that have benefit. But, if it becomes dry, nothing concerning the life to live. So, it no longer provides any benefit to the creatures of Allah.

I have two hearts
Heart is pulsating with blood
And heart is pulsating with love
Heart is overflowing with tears
And heart is overflowing with perfume
Heart is sky
And heart is earth
Heart is coldness
And heart is warmth
Heart is wave
And heart is sand
Heart is a book
And heart is mirage
Heart is flowers
And heart is ashes
Heart is rocks
And heart is peace
Heart is tide
And heart is ebb
Heart is the wound of yesterday,
And heart is the wound of today,
I'll never touch the wounds once again
When hearts are angry
My heart is evergreen
Whoever owns my heart
Will own dreams and hopes
And keys of happiness
Forever and ever

: I hope we always take care of our heart forever.

Friday, January 7, 2011

UnIqUE ExpErIEncES..

I still remembered a memory that I can’t forgot until now. It’s happened in 2007 while I was Form 3. It started after school holiday in May. For your information, I lived in boarding school. My parents were sent me to school at the evening. Two days before I went to school, I found that there was a boil on my body. At the first, I thought that it may be common boil but I missed my expectations.
        At the night, I can’ slept but I try to sleep. Suddenly, I felt sick at the body on my left side. I tried getting out of bed, but I failed. Then, I thought to call my friends but I thought they probably did not help anything and just sympathies to me. So, I just endured pain until sunrise. In the Sunday morning, I strengthened my self to school. I can’t move my left limbs as too ill. At the school, I just sat down on the chair. Most of my friends felt weird with me because they knew me as a person who is active there and here at school. I can’t stand the pain anymore friends informed of my condition to the teachers.
        After two hours, my parents arrived at school and picked up me to see a specialist doctor. In the treatment room, the doctor just speaking English with my parents and this make me can’t understand what the doctor said. Suddenly, my mother said that I must in the ward because the doctor wanted to do some administration of anesthetics for me. So, I thought I was not too chronic with the pain. At 6 o’clock, my mother waked me from sleep and asked me to pray much. I felt weird and asked my mother, “ mum, whether the anesthetics could make me die?”. My mother silent and her eyes were watery. I started to worry and I already can answer from my mother’s face.
        At the same time, I received many called from my friends, my teachers and others which that were gave me support. I felt so sad because I thought I will die. Many relatives came visit me and still felt weird. Then, my mother told me that I must to operate as soon as possible. Subhanallah, I was so surprised heard that. I can’t say anything and my tears falling fast. I was too afraid because if I die, I don’t have many good to bring along. I apologize to my parents if I have made their heart broken. I felt nothing and I still can’t believe that I will be operating. I tried courageous and strong to face what will happen later.
        At 7 o’clock in the evening, I was brought into operating room. Then, I must change my clothes and wore the surgical clothes. After that, a doctor from Pakistan came to me and saw my condition. He speaks in English with me and I was very happy can talked English with him. He very friendly and told me to don’t felt worried with the operation.  Later, I was asked to lie down in bed surgical. When I lie down, I can saw a big lamp and many surgical types of equipment. Then, I was given anesthesia and I closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt someone was waked up me. I surprised because I felt so fast and I asked to the doctor whether I had operation or not? He said yes and smile to me.
        Actually, the doctor said that he had waked up 3 times but I still didn’t wake up. The doctors take one hour to operate me. He so worried and thought I will die. But with the power of Allah, I opened my eyes and smile. When I came out from the operating room, many peoples were waited me. Two weeks, I was in my house. Sometimes, I want to laugh because my parents cared me such as baby. I praise to Allah because gave me second chance to live. I might be getting the same disease if I do not take care of my health. All what is happening there’s wisdom.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

           Today we are in year 2011. So, praise to Allah because we are still alive until now. Times are too fast and sometimes we are not realizing that. We may be happy because of the New Year but don’t forget that our time to die are too closer with us. Do you realize that? So, wake up from your fantasy!
          Now, we are students and do we know what our status in coming soon is? Of
course, we don’t know. Actually, what are you want in the world? You must thinking
 it and rush for it. In the world, nothing more important than pleased from Allah.
  Have we figured out that everything we do will be pleased with Allah?  Ponder
          We are born with two eyes in front of our faces, because we can’t always look
 back. But look at all of that in the future, look at our future. Hardship and
difficulty is like a season of clod, wet and moist, not like human beings but after the
winter is growing fragrant flowers and fruits fertile.
          So, don’t waste your time. Time is like sword. If you do not use it, it will
decapitate you. We want be a best person and good in our life. When you realize you
have made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.