Tautan Ukhwah

Monday, January 17, 2011


This time we will know the heart. The heart is divided into two.

First : The heart of flesh, it is apparent. It is the study of medical doctors.

Second : Conscience, it is spiritual. It is a spiritual doctor studies ( apostles, prophets, mystics and scholars, including psychologist and others).

The relationship between the two hearts are beef heart is home to a nest or a conscience.

The debate here is our conscience. It is considered as a king in us. If the king of us good, then let all the members. If we are the king of evil, then you are have some evil of all members.

Let us know your conscience more easily through the parables. Heart like a well that is very clear. It will be clear when we take care it. Clean water and clean this would give a thousand lives if used. But it would be dirty if we left it, dirty things go into it. If we are use it, will certainly bring about disease and injury.

Let us know your conscience by like something. Heart is like fertile soil. If fertility is maintained, it will be strengthened. Fertility will be develop various types of crop that have benefit. But, if it becomes dry, nothing concerning the life to live. So, it no longer provides any benefit to the creatures of Allah.

I have two hearts
Heart is pulsating with blood
And heart is pulsating with love
Heart is overflowing with tears
And heart is overflowing with perfume
Heart is sky
And heart is earth
Heart is coldness
And heart is warmth
Heart is wave
And heart is sand
Heart is a book
And heart is mirage
Heart is flowers
And heart is ashes
Heart is rocks
And heart is peace
Heart is tide
And heart is ebb
Heart is the wound of yesterday,
And heart is the wound of today,
I'll never touch the wounds once again
When hearts are angry
My heart is evergreen
Whoever owns my heart
Will own dreams and hopes
And keys of happiness
Forever and ever

: I hope we always take care of our heart forever.

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